How does it work, what do you guys do?

We are a print on demand website, we can print your pet images on different products. We can also customize your image, see Customization in the menu. We can remove the background from your pet photograph so that you can have it printed on any of our products. We can also disguise your pet into anything you'd like, like a medieval king or a ballerina, for example. Add one or more customized images to your cart with canvas's and t-shirts by following instructions on each products page, we will match images to products using a text box with your instructions, go take a look at a product page for an example.

Spend 49.95$USD and get a free image from the gallery? How does it work?

If your cart has 49.95$ of products in it, a gallery image will be free of charge to be printed on anything you'd like. Select the appropriate option on each product you want an image printed. This rebate is cumulative, each time you add 49.95$USD in your cart, you get another free image. Example: if you have 150$USD of products in your cart, you can add 3 free images, and print them on three different product.

Spend 99.95$USD or more and get 10% off? How does it work?

It's that simple, if you purchase 99.95$USD or more, you get 10% off your order and other coupons or promotions are still valid.

I ordered a customized image and added it in my cart, how do I have it printed on my products if it's not ready yet?

If you open a product page, you'll notice that there are selections to make before being able to add to cart or purchase any product. One of them is: "Click here if you bought a customized image, it's in your cart and want it printed on this product". Once you click the radio button, a text box will appear so that you can describe which image you want printed, for example: "I want you to print the black labrador disguised as a king image please."

How do you know what to print on each product?

With each product you purchase, a selection needs to be made before you can add it to cart.

1. "Upload your image here." This option means that you upload your image yourself using the golden upload bar that appears when you select this option. You can buy an image from the gallery, download it and upload it here or upload a picture of your pet and we will print it as is.

2. "If you bought a customized image and it's not ready yet, click here." When selected, a description box appears and you can describe the image you sent for customization so we know which one to print. Example: "I sent a picture of my golden retriever to be disguised as a queen". You can always contact us through our various channels like the live chat, email or the special request link in the menu if you are worried and we'll do the same if there is confusion.

3. "If you added an image from the gallery in your cart and want it printed." This one is self explanatory, you added an image from our gallery in your cart and you want it printed. Once selected, a text box appears, please input the image title in there, like this: " Piggies - Cook 4". You have to do this for each product, it can be the same image each time or different images.

What is the image size selector?

Each print can be customized, so if you need your pet image to be small, select 25%. If you need it half the size of the image shown on our product demo, select 50%. Each demo image has the maximum size image printed and all the locations possible printed on it.

How long before I get my product or my image? What are your shipping times?

1. Image gallery. Images from the gallery are available instantly through a download link sent to your email after purchase.

2. Customized image. Images that you send to be customized might take 1 to 5 business days to produce depending on the time of the year. Around Christmas, it might get very busy so order early.

3. Shipping time. Shipping will vary but we use expedited shipping when available, so 2 to 5 business days after all images are done.

4. Total delivery time? Expect at least one week and up to two weeks when we are very busy.